News from around the 32 counties of Ireland, week of August 11 2013



A furious Ulster Unionist Assemblyman has accused the D.U.P. of cynically exploiting a sensitive planning application in Randalstown.

M.L.A. Trevor Clarke and South Antrim M.P. William McCrea have been broadly supportive of the 92 residents who have objected to an extension at the John Mulholland Motors showroom on Castle Road.
County Hall gave it the green light; however, despite continuing concerns about the impact that a new access road will have on residents living nearby.

Nevertheless, the approval was granted and was then formally rubber-stamped by Antrim Borough Council.
[Source: Antrim Guardian]


Widespread anger and revulsion has followed an attack of vandalism on the football pitch at Crossmaglen Rangers G.F.C.

In a clearly calculated and pre-meditated attack, weed killer was sprayed on the football pitch, defacing its surface with offensive and obscene language and graffiti.

It’s believed the perpetrators may have entered the premises sometime overnight on Monday, July 29 to carry out the deed.  With the effects of the weed killer not becoming apparent on the grass surface for several days, it was mid-week before club officials noticed anything untoward.
[Source: Examiner Newspaper]


In life they were inseparable, always by each other’s side – no matter where they went. And now in death, the bright young Chada brothers will forever be side by side, as they were buried together on Friday afternoon, August 2, close to their family home.

Two hearses carrying two small white coffins drove side by side through the village of Ballinkillen, traveling the short distance from the Chada home to the nearby St. Lazerian’s Church.

Despite having their own rooms, Eoghan (10) and Ruairí (5) were so close that they used to sleep together in the one bed. This closeness was echoed throughout the funeral mass, in kind words spoken by the extended family, community and parish priest.
[Source: Carlow Nationalist]


Lawyers acting on behalf of Cavan nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady, who is charged with murder in Boston, Massachusetts, have accused the State prosecution of acting improperly in the case and, as a result, have asked for a judge to dismiss the charges against her.

Ms. McCarthy Brady (34) has been indicted on charges of first-degree murder of a baby, Rhema Sabir (1). Ms. McCarthy Brady, who was living illegally in the U.S. at the time after her visa expired, was the infant's nanny when the baby died on January 14 earlier this year.

The Lavey-native has been in custody since her arrest in connection with the baby's death and is currently being detained without bail at Framington State Prison near the city of Boston.
[Source: The Anglo Celt]


With the Internet now a part of just about every kind of family gathering, it’s, perhaps, inevitable that the technology would soon become part of the funeral.

With emigration now more prevalent in people’s lives, a Clare funeral director is offering to stream funerals online to grieving loved ones living overseas who cannot get home.

P.J. Murphy, of Murphy’s Funeral Home in Kilmaley, explained the service is offered through a secure site, which can only be accessed by a password that changes for every funeral.

“If there is a family member who can’t be present because they are abroad, we can organize it in such a way that the family can communicate with them. So at least they can kind of feel as if they are in some way involved with the funeral. It just might help someone in the grieving process that they would feel in some way connected.”
[Source: Clare Champion]


A leading Cork health facility has warned the 63 percent of Corkonians who have never been screened for sexually transmitted infections (S.T.I.) that they could be passing on life-threatening conditions to their partners.

"People need to protect themselves. They could be carrying an infection and not even be aware of it, and a newly infected person is at their most infectious," according to Phil Corcoran of the Sexual Health Centre.

One person in Ireland is diagnosed with H.I.V./A.I.D.S. every day, and the condition is becoming increasingly prevalent among younger people – gay and straight.
[Source: Cork Independent]


Police are treating a petrol bomb attack at a house in Derry as a hate crime.

A P.S.N.I. spokeswoman says the petrol bomb was thrown at the back of a house in the Currynierin Estate around 2 a.m. last Thursday.

“No damage was caused to the house,” she said.

The spokeswoman said three people were seen running away from the scene.
[Source: Derry Journal]


Lifeguards in County Donegal rescued 17 people in July, according to the latest figures from Irish Water Safety.