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The local district judge once again has blasted those responsible for “disgraceful” behavior in Antrim Area Hospital.

His most recent comments came after he sentenced a 51-year-old woman to three months in prison for “interfering” with the treatment of an elderly woman by “trying to hug and kiss her.”

District Judge Robert Alcorn was told her behavior was disturbing patients in nearby wards and, before granting her bail for appeal, he said: "I can't turn my back on this. Patients are entitled to be treated in peace."

Mr. Alcorn is renowned for his intolerance of criminal behavior at the hospital, with solicitors regularly warning clients to “pack a bag” if appearing before him.
[Source: Antrim Guardian]


Local councilor Terry Hearty is delighted to announce that, following an extensive community campaign, the Community Centre in Crossmaglen has been successful in its bid for renovations.

“Newry & Mourne District Council received confirmation from funding body S.O.A.R. that the Department of Rural Development would be making 75 [percent] of the necessary funds available for this project.

“I am delighted with this news, especially given the fact that myself and others have been lobbying for this scheme for the past five years” Councilor Hearty said.
[Source: Examiner Newspaper]


The Eigse Festival held in Carlow recently announced Irish singer Bronagh Gallagher as one of their headlining acts for this year’s festival. She will be performing in the G.B. Shaw Theatre on Friday, June 7.

Bronagh Gallagher is described as a deeply soulful artist with a unique gift for singing and storytelling. Bronagh is already well known for her parts in Pulp Fiction, Star Wars and most famously for The Commitments, but her first love is singing.
[Source: Leinster Express]


A body was recovered from the River Blackwater last Tuesday afternoon, behind the courthouse in Virginia. At the time of going to print, the body was thought to be that of missing teenager, Ricky McDermott.

Earlier that day, his father made an emotional plea for information regarding his missing son. Ricky McDermott (17) from Clonabreany, Crossakiel, Oldcastle, County Meath, was reported missing after a night out in Virginia on Easter Sunday. He was last seen on Church St. in the town around 12:30 a.m. on Bank Holiday Monday.

Father Richie McDermott said the time since has been a “complete nightmare.”
[Source: The Anglo Celt]


Dolphins were spotted in muddy waters in the River Shannon.
At the time of writing, the dolphins are still at the same place and while there had been some fears for their safety in shallow water, it’s now understood that they are not at risk at this location and have been feeding.

Speaking to The Clare Champion, the sightings coordinator with the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, Pádraig Whooley, said concerns dissipated after it was established that they were bottlenose dolphins, rather than common dolphins.

“Up to yesterday, we didn’t know what type of dolphins they were, but they’re bottlenose, so it’s perfectly normal to have them in the Shannon, it’s unusual that they’d go into a tributary of the Shannon, but it’s not hugely unusual,” he commented.
[Source: Clare Champion]


The family of a six-year-old Cobh girl family are “absolutely delighted” that she will get the chance to have a life-changing operation in the U.S., but they are asking for Cork's help in paying the $60,000 Katie's chance at walking will cost.

Antoinette Byrne only found out on Friday, March 29, when she and her husband Robert received a letter from the Missouri hospital that carries out this life-changing operation, and already the family has been blown away by the number of people offering to help fundraise for them.

The operation would change her daughter’s life utterly. Katie is the youngest of five children.
[Source: Cork Independent]


One of the biggest names in Hollywood, Brad Pitt has said that a delay in the release of his zombie film World War Z could put in doubt plans for the Derry sequel, Ebrington Y.

The actor told “Entertainment News” that script-writing for World War Z has become “bogged down,” meaning that plans for the Irish phase of the project are on hold.

The actor confirmed reports that he and his partner, Angelina Jolie, have already paid a “quiet” visit to the city. It’s been said that Jolie, born in .L.A, has links with the city through her stepfather Bill Day, whose family lived at Springtown Camp for a time during WW2.
[Source: Derry Journal]


A town council meeting was suspended before it actually started last Tuesday afternoon, when a councilor demanded the tricolor be raised above the building.