News from around the 32 counties of Ireland


Johanne and Alan Powell, from Fethard-on-Sea, will put their daughter, Siobhan (29), into a nursing home on May 27.

Commenting on the situation and why they had to make such a heart-wrenching decision, Johanne said: “She is severely physically and intellectually-disabled and requires full-time care. Up to now she has been living at home with us but the recent cut-backs have finally defeated us. The final straw was when her transport from home to her day service was cut from five days to three days. At the minute we are driving her the 24 miles to her service two days a week, but this is of course unsustainable. So residential service it will have to be.”
[Source: Wexford Echo]


As many as 1,000 homes in north Wicklow have been left without water after the worst incident of algae growth on record has again hit householders in the eastern region.

A recent outbreak of the algae left tens of thousands of homes and businesses across Dublin without tap water over Easter.

In the latest incidence, homes in north Wicklow have either no water or reduced supplies.

The problem stems from the most severe incidence of algae growth on record at the Roundwood water treatment plant.
[Source: Irish Independent]