News from around the 32 counties of Ireland, Dec 9 2013



A horrified local councilor has expressed concern that puppies are being sold around local car boot sales and markets.

Alliance representative and dog lover Neil Kelly said he was “disgusted” when local people informed him of their suspicions.

Councilor Kelly was walking his own two beloved Red Setters, Finn and Molly, around the Enkalon car boot sale about a month ago when a local woman approached him.

Clearly distressed by what she had witnessed, the woman informed the local representative that she believed that a number of puppies were being sold, and also provided him with a photo of two dogs in a cage in the back of a vehicle at the boot sale.
[Source: Antrim Guardian]


Glassdrummon man Martin Hearty was crowned Bard of Armagh at the annual competition at the City Hotel in Armagh on Friday night, November 22. In the performance of a lifetime, before an absolutely packed audience of 1,000 people from all over Ireland, Hearty was pronounced the winner to the delight of a large crowd of supporters from the wider Crossmaglen area.

Spokesman for the judging panel, Frank Galligan, from Donegal, said that Martin’s poem, “The Culchie Gangster,” not only involved the art of satire to a high level, but was delivered magnificently and he had brought out the sheer humor in every verse, holding off the serious challenge of renowned bards from Cavan, Kerry, Sligo, England and many parts of the North.
[Source: Examiner Newspaper]


The jury in the trial of Carlow man accused of raping and sexual abusing three young girls over 30 years ago had retired for a third night, having failed to reach a verdict.

The 51-year-old accused, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court to 91 charges of rape, attempted rape and indecent assault of three girls in a Carlow town between February 1978 and December 1986.

The man has been charged with 28 counts of indecently assaulting and 26 charges of raping a first complainant, his niece, from the time she was almost seven until she was 13 years old.
[Source: Irish Independent]


An 18-year-old from Cavan Town may see herself facing the wrath of Simon Cowell in the new year. Nadine Lyons has made it through the preliminary auditions for Britain’s Got Talent.
The popular T.V. talent show, which is in its eighth season, has been holding auditions all across the U.K., and Nadine attended the Belfast leg in the Europa Hotel. Speaking excitedly to The Anglo-Celt,  the raven-haired beauty exclaimed:

“It’s up in the air at the minute. I got through the first and second round auditions and now I’m waiting to see if I will be up in front of the judges. I think only a certain amount of people got to this stage, so it’s very exciting, I’m so happy!”
[Source: The Anglo Celt]


M.E.P. Sean Kelly has called for the establishment of an online local skills database to promote Irish rural locations like Ennis, with a view to increasing the geographical spread of Foreign Direct Investment (F.D.A.).

“In order to encourage a more regional spread of F.D.I. in Ireland, we need to promote the advantages of our regions and the educated workforce people based there,” said Mr. Kelly, who is M.E.P. of the Year for Research and Innovation.

He noted how an excellent initiative running in the U.S. State of Indiana provides a working example of how Ireland could launch a skills database.
[Source: Clare Champion]


A friendly call service, which rings elderly individuals living alone across the city and brings a bit of warmth and kindness to their day, has extended their services to five days a week.

Friendly Call Cork brings a few minutes of cheerful chat to people who might not have anyone to call in on a day-to-day basis.

The service, which is free, also operates as a security measure for people, offering peace of mind to isolated or vulnerable individuals.
[Source: Cork Independent]


Five Derry nursing students have been rewarded for their academic excellence and professionalism by the University of Ulster.

Jamie-Lee McGriskin was awarded the university’s Princess Macha Award for demonstrating outstanding performance in caring and communicating with patients and families during her student placement.

Sandra Laranjeira received the Northern Health and Social Care Trust Award for best academic performance in year one; the Royal College of Nursing Award for best academic performance in year two was presented to Karen Scott; the Western Health and Social Care Trust Management Award was presented to Ciara Devlin in recognition of her outstanding performance during her management practice learning experience; and the Institute of Nursing and Health Research Mona Grey Award for Excellence in Research went to Carla McClintock , recognizing excellence in research.
[Source: Derry Journal]