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A 'deeply shocked' member of Antrim District Policing Partnership has accused the police of 'abusing their powers' to harass young people. Councilor Annemarie Logue believes that the authority to stop and search is being routinely exploited to hound innocent teens, inadvertently fomenting a deep mistrust in the powers of law and order. The Sinn Fein rep has revealed that the powers enshrined in Article 44 of the Terrorism Act have been used scores of times across Antrim in recent months - though startling new figures suggest that they have led to few convictions. Instead, said Councilor Logue, they have been used to 'bludgeon young people into submission' - and trust is 'evaporating fast'.
(Source: The Belfast Telegraph)    

Despite being home in Carlow for a few weeks with the sole intention of taking a break from the limelight, Saoirse Ronan was still busy working out in the gym with trainer, martial arts expert and stunt man extraordinaire John Koyama, who has been sent over to Tullow for a month from LA to prepare the Carlow starlet for her next role as Hannah, a teenage assassin.
John Koyama’s CV is pretty impressive, too: he’s worked on everything from The Last Samurai, a few of the Bond films, Tropic Thunder, Balls of Fury, Pirates of the Caribbean, Fool’s Gold and Lethal Weapon 4 to Spider-Man.
(Source: The Carlow Nationalist)

Keep fit fanatics in and those who want to get in shape for the coming year in Cavan town and the surrounding area have no excuses following the unveiling of a new €900,000 extension and refurbishment of the Cavan Sports and Leisure Complex in Drumalee last Monday afternoon last. Work was completed last month thanks to funding from Cavan County and Town Councils, as well as Cavan Regional Health Sport and Leisure Company Ltd. The new facilities include the development of a new kiddies pool, two state-of-the-art slides, including additional leisure space on the first floor level. There is a new fitness gym and new astro turf pitch. The contractor who carried out the construction works on the Cavan Sports Complex was Adston Ltd.
(Source: The Anglo Celt)

Video images of a meteor which may have fallen to earth somewhere over the north of the State are being sought by Astronomy Ireland. Shortly before 6pm on Wednesday last reports started coming into Garda stations, the Coast Guard, the Irish Aviation Authority and media outlets, detailing bright lights which people claimed to have seen traveling mainly at low altitudes across the sky. It was spotted in Co Clare by communications officer with the Irish Aviation Authority, Lillian Cassin who was driving close to Dromoland at the time. “I saw what looked like a flare or a single firework, it was green and it lasted only about six or seven seconds,” she said. Ms Cassin said she thought the trajectory was quite low and did not understand how the same object could have been seen still traveling by people in the north of the country. Ms Cassin added there had been no sightings by aircraft reported to the authority. Near Ballyconnell in Co Cavan a care worker Helen Boyle of Killawilly was out walking with her dog when she saw a light she thought was close by. Astronomy Ireland’s David Moore asked that owners of closed circuit television systems would examine their footage for about two minutes before 6pm last Wednesday.
(Source: The Irish Times)

Police found a stolen Garda officer's uniform and more than 60,000 euros in cash during searches of a house in Derry, the High Court heard last Friday. A man suspected of money laundering offences in connection with the discovery was only charged after he was stopped for alleged motoring offences two months later, prosecutors said. Aymen Shebani, a Dublin man with an address at Clarendon Manor, Derry, is accused of driving without insurance and while disqualified, and attempting to pervert the course of justice. The court heard that, following his arrest near Warrenpoint, Co Down two weeks ago, it emerged he was wanted in connection with the discovery of 61,000 euros and nearly 3,000 US Dollars.
(Source: The Derry Journal)

An estimated crowd of more than 1,000 people filled St. Mary's Church in Ramelton and the surrounding churchyard on Tuesday last for the funeral mass of John Gallagher and his son, Sean Gallagher, who were killed in the former Saturday's road accident at Burt. "We gather as a broken people with very heavy hearts," said Father Michael Carney, parish priest, at the start of the mass.
(Source: Donegal Democrat)

The cost of slowing Dublin city down to 30kph could amount to as much as €1m, it was claimed last week. City officials are again in the firing line over the new restrictions, which have received a hugely negative reaction from motorists. Fianna Fail TD Cyprian Brady argues that the money used to introduce the new law would have been better spent funding community services and youth facilities, which were cut dramatically this year. The Dublin Central representative says that the “estimated cost of implementing and managing the introduction of the unnecessary 19mph speed limit could be up to €1 million and should be used to save jobs and lives in the city”. A figure of €1m has been supplied to him by experts – but even this does not take into account the loss to business in terms of actual sales. The standalone figure includes the cost of purchasing new signs and labor associated with putting them up and taking down the old ones, along with the garda time taken to enforce the limit and process the fines. On the first day of the 30kph limit, last Monday, gardai set up speed checks.
(Source: The Evening Herald)