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The victim, a man in his late 30s, was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the car, a man in his 20s, was taken to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.
(Source: Irish Times)


“It’s a disgrace that over 2,500 people are waiting for operations at the Midlands Regional Hospital in Tullamore,” declared Sinn Fein’s Cllr Brendan Killeavy last week.

He said the waiting lists for orthopaedic services, ENT and in particular Children’s Surgery have been lengthened due to budget cutbacks at the hospital.

Cllr Killeavy outlined, “The HSE has recently closed down two theatres and reduced its services in the day hospital, elective surgery is postponed at the hospital until September. If the hospital budget is not corrected by September, my fear is that these arrangements will be extended until the end of the year.”

He said this is simply not good enough as he has met people in Tullamore and around the county who are waiting for appointments and operations and some are waiting in pain.

Cllr Killeavy indicated he is going to pursue the issue vigorously, “I have being requesting a meeting for several months now with Hospital Management, so far no date has been set for such a meeting. It’s not fair particularly for elderly patients who are waiting for knee or hip operations to be left in pain.

Those with private insurance seem to be directed to the private hospitals in Dublin while those on the public health service are left in limbo and in pain. There are too many layers of management in the hospital and the moratorium is having a devastating effect on front line staff at the hospital.”
(Source: Offaly Express)


The emergency department at Roscommon County Hospital closed at last Monday morning and was replaced with a minor injuries unit for adults only.

150 people are protesting outside Roscommon Hospital last week.

After consultation with local doctors, The out of hours GP clinic was moved from the County Hopsital to HSE offices on Lanesborough Road.

Earlier, 400 people gathered to protest the Roscommon closure outside the hospital. The protesters are marching around the hospital carrying flags, white crosses and signs.

Services for patients requiring urgent treatment are being transferred to hospitals elsewhere in Connacht.

The move has been criticised by GPs and community groups in Roscommon who claim there is widespread confusion about the new arrangements in place.

People in Co Roscommon requiring an ambulance will be brought to University College Hospital Galway, Sligo General Hospital or hospitals in Ballinasloe and Castlebar.
(Source: The Roscommon Champion)


Because of intimidation, people had to leave the Tower Hill Estate in Ballymote, it was claimed at the July monthly meeting of Sligo County Council.

Clr. Pat McGrath said there were two vacant houses in the estate in which there were tenants up to a few months ago but because of intimidation they had left the estate. The problem was getting people on the social housing list to move into this estate. There was a lot of anti-social behaviour, a lot of issues being raised as well as questions going forward "about how we control this estate".

"There are people in that estate who feel intimidated, and are being intimidated, and they have issues," Clr. McGrath insisted. He thought it was important that the residents, Travellers and the county council worked together and "that we set boundaries and guidelines for this estate".

Said Clr. Martin Baker: "A lot of good people live in these estates and it's wrong if a few can pull them down. I am not discriminating against anyone." He pointed out that there were huge housing lists and when people got a house they should respect it. "You cannot put up with people ruining their neighbors," Clr. Baker said.
(Source: The Sligo Champion)


Litterbugs at bring banks in North Tipperary have been targeted by CCTV cameras and given on the spot fines by litter wardens.

In a bid to make North Tipperary a cleaner county, North Tipperary County Council announced a crack down on people littering at bring banks. With the use of the latest state of the art CCTV, 32 litter fines were issued at bring bank sites throughout North Tipperary since February.

Bring banks are provided for members of the public to recycle glass bottles, aluminium cans and textiles.  North Tipperary has one of the highest recycling rates in the country but at some bring bank sites illegal dumping has caused issues with access and has made these sites very unattractive.

Joe MacGrath, county manager, said “North Tipperary County Council believes that these fines will act as a warning to others that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated. We believe that the fines will result in a significant reduction in dumping at bring bank sites thanks to CCTV, warning signs and publicity following the issuing of fines. We want to send a clear message that people should not leave their recyclables in bags next to bottle banks. This is considered dumping, it makes the area look unattractive and offenders will be prosecuted!”
(Source: Tipperary Star)