News from around the 32 counties of Ireland


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Fears are rising among those living or farming along the Shannon banks that water levels are dangerously high for this early in the year, sparking major concerns that there will be a repeat of last November's devastation if there is any heavy rainfall over the next few months. One frustrated local farmer predicted unless work is completed down the river at Meelick to remove dirt from the Shannon, there will be more flooding in the Athlone area this year because the channel down river is blocked and water cannot get away fast enough.

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A noise nuisance case took a bizarre twist last week in Wexford District Court. A case in which a Castlebridge woman brought a noise nuisance case against her neighbors took a bizarre twist at Wexford District Court when a garda told Judge Donnchadh O'Buachalla he served her with an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order) to stop her making unfounded complaints.

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Hundreds of locals, bursting with pride, poured into Ballywaltrim Community Centre last Monday night to catch a glimpse of Katie Taylor, their superhero and three-times World Champion. Katie Taylor has ' the heart of a lion,' according to Olympic boxing medalist Kenny Egan who turned out to support her at the airport last week. 'It showed in the semi-final against the American that it is not just talent she has,' he said. 'I'm so proud of her; she's just an amazing athlete'

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