New York Irish mother's plea for her missing daughter


“Where is she, is she in trouble, is she even alive?” are just some of the questions the Cork mother asks herself on a daily basis.

“We know one thing is for sure, Cathy was never in trouble with the law so she wasn’t running away from anything or anyone,” said Meehan.

Unfortunately police told Meehan they cannot list her daughter as a missing person because she bought the ticket to Geneva. In their eyes she left willingly. 

Out of her character

“Just disappearing like this is out of her character. It’s very strange to just walk away and leave everything behind. It just all doesn’t make sense to me,” Meehan said.

Meehan said she was hesitant to go public with her daughter’s disappearance because she didn’t want to embarrass her, but after a year of silence, worry and anxiety has taken over. She will do anything at this stage just to hear some news on her daughter’s whereabouts.

“Someone somewhere had to have seen her, even if it was in a church, a store anywhere. She is a beautiful girl and people will remember her face,” said Meehan.

“Our hearts are broken and we are just out of our minds with worry. We are trying to just find out where she is. The not knowing is certainly the hardest part of it all,” she said.

Meehan pleads with her daughter to put her family’s minds at ease by letting them know she is alive and well.

“I would just love her to contact the house to let us know if she is okay, where she is and if she needs our help. We are always there for her,” said Meehan.

Plea for involvement of authorities

Private investigator Triggs said at this stage of the game it is essential for Interpol and the United States Embassy to get involved in locating Wray.

“We have very solid reason to believe that Cathy was not of sound mind when she flew to Geneva. If the embassy will provide her current passport number, our colleagues at PJIS Group in Belgium who have also worked tirelessly on this case pro bono will have a much better chance of locating her,” Triggs told the Irish Voice newspaper.

Triggs said that although paper trails have gone cold, she has reason to believe that Wray may have rented a car in Austria in January under a different name. “However, we cannot confirm this without her passport number,” she said.

If anyone has any information about Cathy Meehan Wray’s whereabouts or has seen or heard from her in the past year please contact Olwyn Triggs at 516-674-4900 or e-mail: