New Irish company sells personal data for cash


A new Irish company, Dataflog pays up to $40 per email you receive by selling your information online.

Dataflog is a free service that says it is offering control of your own personal information. With Dataflog, you can control, maintain & sell your data online.

“Finally a website that PAYS YOU to receive relevant marketing. Between Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn there are approximately 1.63 Billion registrations. These companies make money selling your data... without paying you. Companies are worth billions because of your data that they have acquired through site usage. In most cases, users are not told that their info is being sold. If you use Facebook – your data is being sold for cash,” said a company PR release.

As an example of how it works, imagine a coffee shop in Dublin 2 wants to run a marketing campaign in its area. They search for "females" aged "18 - 25,"  working in "Dublin 2" and whose favourite hot drink is "Coffee." The coffee shop pays 25 cent per option per person. "Age," "Gender," "Work location" and"Favourite hot drink" are all options. The coffee shop receives an email with your name, email and (mobile) phone number with which they can contact you. You get paid 50 cent (half of €1 paid by the coffee shop) to receive information relevant to you.

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