New documentary probes Bolivian death of Irishman Michael Dwyer


There are many questions left unanswered even four years after state security forces shot and killed Michael Dwyer of County Tipperary and two other men said to be plotting the assassination of Colombian president Evo Morales and other terrorizing acts.  Inver Films, a Mayo based company,  has released a documentary called ‘Bolivian Escapade’ that will air tonight at 10 on a Qatar based tv station to address and look deeper into the glaring question marks surrounding the incident.  

Richard O’Donnell of Inver films explained, “Since Michael Dwyer was killed, there was a lot of allegations out there, from people with a lot of different agendas.”

He went on to say “I wanted to allow time before tackling it as a story and, four years on, the time was right.”

Dwyer went to Bolivia in hopes of participating in a training program that would further his career as a bodyguard but found himself with a group affiliated with the anti government stronghold of Santa Cruz. 

His mother, Caroline, explains in the documentary that it seemed her son Michael was living a normal life and was no terrorist. 

“They enjoyed the carnivals, social nights out, barbecues,” she said. “You’d get the impression from the emails coming home that it was more like a holiday than anything else.”

To Bolivian security forces, Michael somehow gave the impression of a dangerous terrorist.  And without much evidence, police raided Las Americas Hotels and killed Dwyer and two others. 

“Michael was in bed in his underwear, asleep. The police burst in the door with a precise shot to his heart which killed him and while he was dead on the ground they shot him four more times in the back,” the victims mother told the Irish Examiner.

Dwyers family has since submitted  a report to the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions in its quest for an international inquiry.