New book claims John F Kennedy released US criminals from prison to curb the Communist threat


'He has left a string of victims across the USA over the last 40 years, but the police and FBI have been powerless to act because he is protected by the CIA. The agency maintains a policy of complete secrecy and doesn't want to risk compromising operations by having one of their operatives involved in a public trial.

Deane says that he has evidence of Riley living in New York in 2005, but after that the scene goes cold. He suspects Riley, who would now be in his 70's, is either dead or has been placed into a Federal Witness Protection scheme to put him out of reach.

Daene concluded: 'America has lots of enemies and security has to be maintained if we are to prevent another 9/11 so I am not against a program that helps protect the nation. What I do object to is the CIA's insistence on complete secrecy. The rationale that a few Americans have to suffer for the sake of 315 million is not acceptable.'