Moneygall emigrant thrilled by Obama's visit to native village


“People couldn’t figure out the bailout and it had an impact on every community.  Ten weeks later and to see people with a spring in their step and a smile on their face was great.”

The days, weeks and months of preparation that went into the preparation of Moneygall for the visit of its ancestor cannot be underestimated.

Locals rallied together, ensuring every area of the town was looking its best for the president’s brief stopover. Paying tribute to the hard work of the local community, Donovan says the organizing committee in the Offaly village are the unsung heroes.

He referred to one local, Michael Bergin, watering flower beds in the small Offaly village in the early and late hours of the day in preparation.

“He had such a sense of pride in his home village,” Donovan said in praise.

Speaking about Obama’s public address in Dublin, Donovan said it “was a speech that could be viewed among the Irish diaspora as very Kennedy-esque.”

“There is no doubt after seeing him interact with the native Irish that he had Irish blood.”



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