Mark O’Mara wins not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman in massive high profile trial


“He’s fearless. I mean, he doesn’t mind taking on those kinds of cases … cases that have media scrutiny where people are looking over your shoulder and every word that you say is being posted on YouTube … every single thing you do is being called into question by 17 supposed experts,” said Flood.

“He believes in the process enough that he thinks they (meaning high profile clients) deserve a defense, too,” “The character that I admire in him about that is his willingness to put his skills on the line when not just a client and maybe a judge are watching, but when the whole city and, in this case, the whole world is watching.”

After graduating from Florida State University College of Law in Tallahassee, Florida, O’Mara served as the assistant state attorney in the Seminole County State Attorney’s Office from 1982 to 1984. He has been an active member of the Central Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Melissa Vickers, the current president of the group, said, “He’s very well respected. … He’s a great trial attorney. They’re in very good hands.”