Looking out for the Irish prisoners


A visit from Hennessy, more often than not, is the only visitor a prisoner may receive in months.
"I think my visits means a lot to them. They are lonely and love the company," she said.

"And in most cases because their families are all back in Ireland I'm the only person they see."
While in prison a lot of the inmates are given the opportunity to learn new trades or receive an education.

Through the years some of the prisoners Hennessy has come in contact with have found their creative side.

“It lifts my spirits and warms my heart when I receive such beautiful pictures or poems from some of them,” she said while holding up a religious painting done by one of the inmates.

Although there is so much more Hennessy and other priests and nuns throughout the U.S. would like to be able to do for the Irish immigrants locked up, she hopes that Irish or Irish Americans would find a place in their heart and time on their hands to reach out to them.

“They get very lonely, and hearing from members of the Irish community would be a blessing, something they would cherish dearly,” she said.

 To begin corresponding with an Irish prisoner anywhere in the U.S. email Christine.Hennessy@archny.org.