Live coverage of Ireland's presidential election results


13.34 Statement in from Martin McGuinness: "In the course of the past four weeks I have campaigned in every one of Irelands 32 counties. Thousands of people have worked on my campaign and I wish to extend my thanks to each and every one of them. I also want to thank all of those who came out and voted for me yesterday.

"I wish to extend my congratulations to Michael D, his wife Sabina and his family. He will make a fine President and I wish him well for his seven years in the Aras.

"I am delighted with the strong vote I have received. My message of positive leadership, patriotism and commitment clearly was resonating with tens of thousands of ordinary Irish people. I believe that Irish people do want a new type of politics and a new Republic based upon equality and respect."

13.33 Cork South West result: Gallagher 35 percent; Higgins 33.9 percent; McGuinness 13 percent; Mitchell 8.5 percent; Norris 4.3 percent; Scallon 3.2 percent; Davis 2.2 percent

13.32 Limerick City result: Higgins 49.3 percent; Gallagher 22.2 percent; McGuinness 12.1 percent; Norris 6 percent; Mitchell 5.6 percent; Scallon 2.9 percent; Davis 1.9 percent

13.31 Mayo result: Higgins 38.3 percent; Gallagher 25.2 percent; McGuinness 11.9 percent; Davis 9.4 percent; Mitchell 9.2 percent; Scallon 3.2 percent; Norris 2.8 percent

13.27 Meath East result: Higgins 38.1 percent; Gallagher 32.2 percent; McGuinness 11.7 percent; Norris 6.7 percent; Mitchell 6.3 percent; Davis 2.8 percent; Scallon 2.3 percent

13.27 Statment released by Fine Gael's Gay Mitchell: "This afternoon I telephoned Michael D Higgins and congratulated him on his success in becoming the President-elect. Mr Higgins will make an excellent President and his wife, Sabina, will be an excellent first lady. My loyal support is with them and I wish them every blessing for the years ahead."

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13.21 Cork North West result: Gallagher 38.4 percent; Higgins 34.3 percent; McGuinness 11.6 percent; Mitchell 7.6 percent; Norris 3.7 percent; Scallon 3 percent; Davis 1 percent.

13.19 Cork East result: Higgins 36.6 percent; Gallagher 34.4 percent; McGuinness 13.8 percent; Mitchell 6 percent; Norris 4.3 percent; Scallon 3 percent; Davis 2.1 percent

13. 09 Dublin North-East result: Higgins 43.9 percent; Gallagher 21 percent; McGuinness 13.2 percent; Norris 10.3 percent; Mitchell 5.1 percent; Davis 4.4 percent; Scallon 2.2 percent

13.06 Sligo-North Leitrim result: Higgins 36.5 percent; Gallagher 29.3 percent; McGuinness 16.1 percent; Mitchell 7 percent; Norris 4 percent; Scallon 3.8 percent; Davis 3.3 percent

12.56 Galway East result: Higgins 46.2 percent; Gallagher 28.9 percent; McGuinness 10.4 percent; Mitchell 6.2 percent; Scallon 3.6 percent; Norris 2.5 percent; Davis 2.3 percent

12.06: Mary Bonotti, former presidential candiate in 1997 said she thinks Michael D. Higgins will make " a lovely little president". 

"I think it was time for a male president. I felt that for the last six months, we needed to be careful that the whole office did not become feminized," she told RTE.

11.38: Sean Gallagher concedes the election:"In the last hour I’ve called Michael D. Higgins to congratulate him on his performance and his success in this election. He will have my full support as President and I sincerely thank him for a positive campaign. His slogan stated that he would be a President to be proud of and I believe he will be that President".

11.20: Kildare North result: Higgins 45.8 percent; Gallagher 26.9 percent; McGuinness 8.8 percent; Norris 8.1 percent; Mitchell 5.5 percent; Davis 2.8 percent; Scallon 2.1 percent.

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11.14: Speaking to RTE from a count center in Co. Louth, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams said he thought Michael D Higgins would be a "fine president". He added that the Labour's candidates surge in support came as a result of Martin McGuinness' revelations abour Sean Gallagher's ties to Finna Fail during the RTE Frontline debate.

"I think Martin's entry changed the debate," Adams said.

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11.05: Postal ballots reflect the dramatic influence of RTE's the Frontline debate. Postal votes were submitted before the debate took place. Postal result in Cork: Seán Gallagher 211 votes, Michael D Higgins 128 votes.

Fine Gael's Brian Hayes described Gay Mitchell's numbers as "very disappointing" on RTE.

10.46: Dublin South-West result as Micharl D Higgins continues to top the polls: Higgins 40.1 percent; Gallagher 22 percent; McGuinness 16.6 percent; Norris 9.6 percent; Mitchell 6.5 percent; Davis 3.1percent; Scallon 2.1 percent.