Leavin' on a jet plane: An emotional journey home to Ireland


This time she cried, and so did I. It was justified. It was sad, heartbreaking, in fact.

There is a lot of sadness all around me today. But with the dark clouds comes a light.

A young couple, with strong Dublin accents, is slouched across a table. Together they laugh. It was clear from their luggage and their Abercrombie shirts that they just had a successful shopping trip in the Big Apple.

It was nice to see laughter. It was nice to see smiling faces, and when it was time to go through security it was nice to see them not have to say goodbye to anyone.

After a few quick bites of a sandwich, it was my turn to say goodbye, albeit for only a month. It was still hard. John accompanied me to the security gate. He could go no further.

With my wedding dress strewn across my arm, and two further bags on my wrists, I said my teary goodbyes. I would, after all, see him in four weeks, and then we will be two weeks away from the happiest day of our lives.

We tried to be brief with our embraces. It was difficult. We kept it short, shed a few tears and said our goodbyes. We will be in touch and the time will go by quickly.

Now I go it alone. I will board the Aer Lingus–Shannon bound plane and in a few hours I will be in the country I love so much, a country I haven’t seen in four and a half years and that I look forward to getting to know again.

Despite the sad situation I am facing into, it will be with joy and hope that I look to the future and you know what, Nana Drew will now have the best seat in the house on my wedding day. 

Goodbye New York, for now. Hello Ireland.