Killer stopped from getting parole by Irish victim's brother


White’s parents, his two sisters and Breen all attended Carr’s trial. It lasted over a week.

“We were hoping to get murder one but in the end he got done for first degree manslaughter. Really, it was thanks to Dan Saunders. He was a great help at the time,” said Breen.

White recalls clearly the devastating effect losing a son in such tragic circumstances has had on his parents.

“It’s hard enough losing a child but to something like this, just awful,” he said.

“My mother and my father will never be the same. Francis was really just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Although White and his family will have to live with the memories of Francis’ death every day, they find some comfort in the fact that his killer remains behind bars for a few more years.

“We are happy with that at least,” said White.

“It will have to do.”