Rory McIlroy, one of our "goats" of the week. Photo by: Charles Rex Arbogas/AP

Kate Middleton, Rory McIlroy on our “Heroes and Goats” list this week


Rory McIlroy, one of our "goats" of the week. Photo by: Charles Rex Arbogas/AP

It is our new tradition, our top ten heroes and goats which we will announce at the end of every week. Here are this week’s lucky winners --and losers

1. Goat: Irish idiot who robbed a cannoli from a pastry shop at knifepoint in Boston soon after he got off the plane from home. A real genius.

2. Hero: Ronan Thompson, little boy who died and Taylor Swift wrote a best selling song about him leading to massive awareness of childhood cancer.

3. Goat: Rory McIlroy – for shooting himself in the foot about his plans to play for Britain in Olympics. They are in 2016 Rory, not 2012.

4. Hero: Ambassador Stevens in Libya who gave his life to further democracy in that country.

5. Goats: The militant fanatics who gunned him down.

6. Hero: Irish weather—finally made a late summer dash and saved the farmers who were looking at crops rotting in the field.

7. Goats: Real IRA “volunteers” who wore masks and fired shots over the grave of their departed leader Alan Ryan, a well-known local thug.

8. Hero: Irish Justice Minister Alan Shatter for pointing out how Ireland ignored the Holocaust and refused Jewish émigrés afterwards.

9. Goat: Kate Middleton –what could she have been thinking stripping off in France where the Paparazzi eat celebrities for lunch?

10. Hero: Archie from Armagh, smallest bull ever who has made Guinness Book of Records.