Italian doctor finds cure for Parkinson's Disease in Irish dancing

Italian Doctor Daniel Volpe has discovered that Irish dancing has a positive effect on patients suffering from Parkinson's disease

“Enter Martin Tourish. I sent an email off to Martin, who is one of Ireland’s leading Trad composers when he is not pursuing his doctoral studies in music at Dublin Institute of Technology. Within a day he wrote back saying that he had just finished composing ten Irish jigs for Mary Beth's new DVD entitled, Sean Nos Jigs for Everyone. Eight were not yet titled, and pending Mary Beth's approval, he would be delighted to name two of the jigs in honor of Doctor Volpe. A day later, he again wrote to say that she enthusiastically agreed.”

Mary Beth Taylor is perhaps Ireland's most eclectic dance teacher. Founder of TCRG, Scoil Rince Taylor, [Irish for the Taylor Dance School), it is the only school in Dublin certified to teach Sean-Nós Dance, Step Dance and Bettering steps for Set Dance. Mary Beth teaches English at Dublin City University, and, in her spare time, has produced two instructional videos, Sean-Nós Dance for Everyone, and most recently, Sean-Nós Jigs for Everyone!  Thanks to the generosity of Mary Beth and Martin, the first selection has been titled Doctor Volpe's while the eighth is called Dance Therapy.

And the tiny village of Feakle will celebrate Doctor Volpe’s discoveries with two major events in 2013. As part of the 26th Annual Traditional Music Festival,  organizers have invited Dr. Volpe’s dance group of Parkinson’s patients to be special guest performers. And, Doctor Volpe will present his latest findings at a conference on “The Therapeutic Effects of Irish Set Dancing in the treatment of Parkinson's Disease.”

An amazing story and one that offers some hope to those with Parkinson’s.