No Irish Homecoming: Holiday messages to missing exiles in America


“I asked Santa for this stencil set.  I had my heart set on it and what happened?  He left it on Marion’s pile through no fault of his own of course, and do you think she would give it to me? Not a chance. We still laugh about it,” said Siobhan.

“What do we miss most about not having Marion and Noreen at home? It’s hard to put into words. It’s not just at Christmas time, it’s all year round. I miss the craic and their company. Anyone who knows Marion knows that she’s a bit of a hoot and will always lift the spirit no matter what mood you’re in. I just couldn’t put it into words what it would mean to have the whole family together even for just one day.”

Liam Moore from Limerick was home in 2012 for Christmas and spent many nights catching up with family and friends. This year he will stay in New York, much to the disappointment of his family back home.

Liam’s niece Ashley told the Irish Voice that her favorite part of Christmas when Liam is around is “watching him fall asleep” after his dinner.

“We miss not having Liam home this year with all the family and we want to send a big happy Christmas message to him in New York and hope we see him in 2014,” said Ashley.

IT’S been more than a decade since Queens resident Bernice Hughes spent a Christmas in Dublin. Her sister Damaris told the Irish Voice she would love more than anything to have her little sister sitting around their Christmas table this year.

“And her nephew Reece would love to meet her in person too,” said Damaris.

“Christmases were always great when we were kids. The excitement on Christmas morning was wonderful, running downstairs to see what Santa left, opening presents and eating selection boxes. Christmas evening was spent in our Aunt Rose’s house in Sandymount where the Christmas party continued with all the cousins,” recalls Damaris.

“The whole family — Dad, Mam, Damaris, Damien, Ellen, Lee, Chloe and Reece all send hugs and kisses to Bernice for a great Christmas and New Year and we hope to see you soon.”