Looking for love at the over-40s Irish singles night in New York


‘It was a very good night, a really good start to what was a great idea. I danced quite a bit,’ said Bridget Burke.

‘It’s great to see something like this coming up finally in New York. I spent time in Chicago and San Francisco and they had things like this there so I’m happy to see New York starting something similar. A great night,’ said Frankie McElligott.

Patrick Ganly, originally from Westmeath, drove all the way from West Yonkers for the night and was not disappointed.

‘I enjoyed myself but I didn’t score! I’m single on the way home but no regrets! Great night!’

It was adulation like this, coupled with the big turnout, that prompted organisers to hurriedly make a second night of its kind in the near future, with Saturday, June 15th being the date of the next Over 40 Irish Singles Night, held once again in the New York Irish Center on Jackson Avenue.