Irish gardener gathers finest craftsmen and green-fingers to create Celtic Garden Artists


The noted Irish landscaper Eugene Higgins was in Philadelphia last weekend at a garden show to present Celtic Garden Artists, a group of Irish craftsmen and women who can build Irish gardens designed specifically for Irish Americans.

 “We all know the Italian, Spanish, Japanese and the classic English Garden but amazingly there really has been no Irish Garden that we can all love and treasure,” Higgins said.

Higgins has spent two years working to finally define an Irish garden. He then gathered the finest Irish craftsmen and gardeners, creating Celtic Garden Artists.

“Quite simply an Irish garden defines our colorful Irish roots,” said Higgins.

“Recreating this amazing history in the garden is the ideal space to celebrate someone’s Irish roots. Imagine having an actual real piece of Ireland set out in your very own garden or backyard or celebrated building.”

To accomplish this Higgins’s garden designs will be inspired by the recipients “I look first to their Irish family crest and their Irish family name, plus the unique Celtic story that shaped their family history. Celtic Garden Artists will then shape the garden with ancient and rare genuine Irish bog oak shaped into a magnificent sculpture.

Walkways of the mystical garden will be set in real Irish stone leading to areas of reflection of the past, present and the future, all offset by recreations of the waterfalls and classic Irish plants. The garden will be molded and shaped by Irish stone masons, ceramic artists, blacksmiths and waterscape artists who will recreate a celebrated waterway from the recipient’s county of origin.

Higgins is best known for his gardening TV and radio work in Ireland and England. His TV work is complimented by gardening journalism in his column for The Irish Mail on Sunday and a regular slot on Ireland's Newstalk national radio.

Higgins has also won “Best Specialist Garden Center Ireland” which was awarded for his love of plants and innovative ways to use them in the Irish garden.

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