Ireland's Eye, a roundup of top news stories September 25th, 2013


Mark Hegarty said the two cross-bred terriers, believed to be only three-weeks-old, were found by a local angler and immediately handed over to the district council.

One of the animals was already dead, while the other subsequently died at the weekend despite valiant efforts to keep it alive, both in Strabane and at the Dogs Trust in Ballymena.

Hegarty said he had personally dealt with the puppy when it was left in, and admitted that he found the experience "harrowing."

Urging people to stop dumping unwanted animals, he said that both animals could have been saved if they had been brought straight to the council.

“People don't have to dump unwanted dogs at the side of the river. Just give us a call. Without question, the Dogs Trust will always be able to re-home puppies," he said.

"At the end of the day, this is animal cruelty. If whoever dumped these pups had come to us straight away, they could have been saved.  These dogs were left to die by somebody with no conscience. It tugs at your heartstrings."
Strabane Weekly News

Inspiring Senior
“A GREAT buzz” is how Tunny Elliot described jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet last month.

The sprightly 81-year-old Tunny took the biggest leap of his life at an airstrip in Galway and successfully completed his first-ever skydive.

“I wasn’t really nervous, just a little bit tense,” he explained. “Height has never really bothered me.  I’ve climbed the Eiffel Tower before. Before I jumped myself, I saw other people doing it and they looked just like birds. Then I got up and did it.

“You jump out and you freefall for about 30 seconds and it’s like you’re floating,” a delighted Tunny explained to the uninitiated, adding that as he approached the ground “it was like sitting on a rollercoaster.”

Tunny, a resident of Castledermot, took part in the tandem jump to raise money for a playground there, managing to raise about €822 for the cause.

Tunny’s jump also means that he’s just ticked off another of three events on his bucket list. He compiled the list after the death of his beloved wife Teresa in December 2011, resolving to skydive and to own a race-winning greyhound.

His dog has won 10 races already and looks good for another few wins, at least.

Now that he’s fulfilled those two ambitions, his next is to elope to Gretna Green in Scotland.

“Now, I’ve just to sort a new wife for myself,” he laughed.

Carlow Nationalist