Ireland's Eye, a roundup of top news stories, September 11th 2013


He said when they started the company he and his brother John, 22, worked “all day, every day,” which he feels is not sustainable in the long term.

He said they are not motivated by money “but love working with people building new things and exploring new ideas.”

On the day of its Irish launch, John Collison said they got the idea for Stripe while working in a 100 square foot office in the Technological Park in Limerick on their first web venture.
“The next ten years of Irish tech businesses will be really exciting to behold,” John Collison said.
- Limerick Leader

Shannon Rats

“Rats the size of cats” are causing issues for residents in various parts of Shannon.

A meeting of the town council last week heard of one case where a child could be let play on a lawn because of the amount of vermin. The size might be a slight exaggeration but the scale of the problem isn’t.

The matter was raised by Councilor Cathy McCafferty, who called on Clare County Council to “take urgent and immediate action to address the rodent problem in Aidan and Finian Parks that is a cause of much concern for residents.”

She said several people have contacted her about the issue. “Over the summer, we had a number of complaints over the rat infestation in Aidan and Finian Parks and nothing appears to have been done.”

The councilor wasn’t impressed with the response shown by Clare County Council.  “I understand that one of the engineers responded to a complaint, but his solution was to tell residents to keep their windows and doors closed. This is an acknowledgement that there is a problem, but it is not the solution residents want or deserve,” McCafferty said.
- The Clare Champion

Unhygienic Hospital

AN overflowing sanitary waste disposal bin, dirty emergency department dressing trolleys and a “generally unclean” emergency department greeted Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) inspectors who visited Tullamore hospital last May, it has emerged.

A new HIQA report highlighted a number of issues raised by officials who made an unannounced visit to the Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore in May.

The hospital, along with hospitals in Mullingar and Portiuncula, is the main medical center for people from the Westmeath region.

Inspectors found a patient with a suspected transmissible infection being cared for in a room with no hand washing facilities, and found hand hygiene practice lacking, reporting that 19 out of 25 hand hygiene opportunities were taken during the visit.

As a result, the report stated that a culture of hand hygiene practice at the hospital is “not embedded at all levels” and posed a minor risk of the spread of infections.The visit found that unclean equipment and an unclean environment in the hospital’s emergency department that put patients at a moderate risk of healthcare associated infections.

While the hospital’s orthopedic (trauma) ward was deemed “generally clean” by inspectors, the emergency department was deemed “generally unclean”.

The report includes details of an overflowing sanitary waste disposal bin in an emergency department toilet, and unclean emergency department dressing trolleys.

Inspectors also found a patient with a suspected transmissible infection being cared for in a room without hand washing facilities and the door of that room being open directly to where other patients were being cared for, linen not secured prior to disposal to minimize the risk of cross contamination during the collection and laundering process and a heavily soiled dustpan in the clinical area of the emergency department.

The hospital was also noted for several good practices, but has been asked to develop a quality improvement plan, which must be published on the Health Service Executive website within six weeks. HIQA will also monitor the hospital and will undertake a follow-up assessment within the next six months.
- Westmeath Independent