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“Pensioners should ask that their pensions be paid in cash through the post office so they can avoid those bank charges,” they said.

“We at the IPU call on the minister to reconsider the strategy she has adopted of moving to fully electronic payments.”

Leitrim Observer

Attacked by Eel
IT’S a good job city businessman Jimmy Griffin is such a calm person. A freak encounter with a six foot conger eel during a day out scuba diving in Connemara last month took a huge chunk out of the side of his mouth and almost cost the award-winning baker his life.

A less experienced diver would have panicked, and probably drowned, after being bitten by such a huge creature 25 meters underwater. But his cool reaction after having the regulator knocked out of his mouth, allied to the quick thinking of support staff at Scubadive West, near Killary, averted a near certain tragedy.

Griffin had not been underwater for two years when staff at the North West Connemara center invited him out for a free dive during a try out day when three major suppliers were showcasing new equipment to experienced divers.

The weather was good, he brought his seven-year-old daughter and Polish mother-in-law along for a day at the beach, and the 48-year-old – a dive master with more than 200 dives logged – was buddied up with another experienced enthusiast for a boat dive at a place called Inis Bearna.

After jumping in off the boat, they had spent over 40 minutes underwater. A pod of dolphins had passed just before they got into the sea and, familiar with the site, he knew that there were plenty of conger eels in the area.

“All of a sudden I felt I got hit by a freight train. That’s the only way to describe it. I got hit by this thing, it had me by the face and I was being tossed around like a rag doll,” Griffin recalled.

“It hit my head really hard. My regulator was knocked out of my mouth. I knew something was after hitting me and biting me, but I didn’t know what it was. I couldn’t get my hands around it, it was so big. I managed to wrestle it off and the pain started to set in on my face.”

Calmly drawing on his experience, Griffin put the regulator back in his mouth. He watched the giant eel, which was at least six feet long, swim away as he signaled to his buddy that something was wrong and gestured that they should return to the surface.

Galway City Tribune

Dunnes Brawl
SHOPPERS in Dunnes Stores in Ballymagroarty watched open-mouthed as a brawl broke out in the aisles on a recent afternoon.

Some customers headed for the exits after several men became involved in a fight.

One eyewitness reported how six men with southern accents, some of them in their late teens, began shouting at one another.

The young mother, who did not wish to be identified, said, “One burly man took off his t-shirt, pushed a younger man to the ground and began punching him. The other men got involved and it turned into a brawl.

“People were genuinely afraid. It was quite scary. There were a few children scared by the fighting.”
Police said they have not received an official complaint about the altercation.

Dunnes Stores declined to comment on the matter.

Derry Journal