Hugh Jackman’s “The Wolverine” sees superhero action meet old fashioned cowboy tale - VIDEO


“As you change as a person you change as an actor and you change in your interpretation of a role,” says Jackman. “There’s something that stays essentially the same though, you’re looking to get inside the character. Even if they have ridiculous hair and a mutton chop beard.”

The Wolverine simply works on its own merits. You would enjoy it even if you’d never seen a previous X-Men film. It’s a great fish out of water story that takes Wolverine to Japan, a country that is completely foreign to him, where he doesn’t know anyone’s motivations, and he’s completely unhinged. 

“He’s a natural outsider and the customs and history and traditions of Japan is the opposite of him,” says Jackman. “It’s the perfect place to out that character. That’s what it makes it a bit of a western film too. The western and the samurai film have a great deal in common as we’ve seen over the years.”

Ten minutes into The Wolverine you can expect to find yourself enjoying a big action adventure film in a way that you haven’t since the days of Indiana Jones. It’s because the film’s inspired director James Mangold consistently makes inspired choices.

“When you have 12 mutants and two hours each character gets 12 minutes if that,” says Mangold, explaining why this is a solo action hero flick. 

“I think you need a story that has openings where people can reveal what’s inside them. The western is a beautiful example of action and character. It’s not about horses and guns; it’s about the people underneath. That’s what we were after.”

To get at the rage that drives Wolverine on, Jackman reveals that he called to mind his experiences of being bullied by his older brother and the internal anger it created. Jackman’s brother used to scoff at his career choice, and Jackman has carried that anger with him to this day.

“I was bullied by my big brother,” he says. “Playing Wolverine makes me think how I used to fight with him. He used to call me poofter and sissy for being interested in dancing. And by the time he said here was nothing wrong with that, I was too old. I was 18 by then. The rage I felt then, I can use to play Wolverine.” 

Watch him take flight on July 26 and prepare to be dazzled.

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