Daniel Radcliffe talks Irish magic on Broadway (VIDEOS)


Meanwhile, Radcliffe has concerns of his own, not the least of which are making sure he creates some authenticity in his character.

“Obviously Billy is a character who lives with a disability, and people tend to focus on that. You have to learn about it to make all parts of your portrayal as authentic as possible,” he says.

“Because I am aware for a lot of people out there this isn’t a play. This is something they live with. I want them to come and see the play and enjoy it just like anyone else can.”

Billy is the smartest, kindest person in a play populated by caustic and mostly hateful ciphers, and Radcliffe never loses sight of the fact.

“Billy is constantly being dismissed by the people around him. When he sees this opportunity to get to America it becomes all-consuming to him. America was viewed as a place of great tolerance and acceptance and he thought, well, that’s my ticket,” Radcliffe says.

Speaking of tolerance and acceptance, Radcliffe (who is heterosexual) is one of the most passionate champions of the Trevor Project, a national gay rights and anti-bullying non-profit hotline focused on preventing suicide.

“I do think the Trevor Project is one of the best things I have ever been able to do with my money or my fame because it facilitates some of the most important conversations that are being had,” he says.

It’s one of the reasons that the Broadway community loves him.

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