Ireland's Eye, a roundup of top news stories August 28th, 2013


Clear arrangements, allowing people the opportunity to offer sympathy to the family of the deceased, will also be put in place in each parish.
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Hoax Fire Calls
LIVES are being placed in danger by pranksters as nearly one in every five alarm incidents Wicklow Fire Services responds to proves to be a hoax call.

From 2007 to 2011, 17 percent of false alarms made to the Wicklow Fire and Rescue Service turned out to be a hoax, while the remaining 83 percent of false call-outs were well intended.

Deputy Andrew Doyle has condemned the prank callers who knowingly report false incidents, warning that they are potentially putting the lives of others in danger, while also wasting taxpayers' money.

“Between 2007 and 2011, more than 30,000 false alarm calls were made throughout the country to fire services. In Wicklow alone, 761 call-outs were made, with 130 of them turning out to be a hoax.

This unfortunately means that when genuine calls come in from assistance from the fire service, their emergency response may be unnecessarily delayed,” he said.

“There is no doubt the true scale of this problem is finally coming to light. These hoax calls are putting severe strain on local authority services.  Every year, thousands of call-outs are requested by the public to the fire service. While an exact figure can't be put on the cost of these malicious calls, a conservative estimate would be tens of thousands.

“Measures now need to be brought forward to tackle those who make hoax and malicious calls to this emergency service.”

Statistics for 2012 will be available later this year, and Doyle wants every effort made to ensure those partaking in hoax calls are tackled.

“It will be interesting to see if this level of hoax calls continues. If so, I will be seeking for the minister to bring forward measures so those who put an additional wasteful burden onto the fire service are dealt with appropriately through penalties and other means,” he said.

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Coke Is It
COCA-Cola is the biggest selling brand in the Irish grocery market for the ninth year in a row.

The Checkout Top 100 brands report from Checkout magazine and Nielsen puts dairy company Avonmore in second place, with Brennan's Bread coming in third.

Lucozade comes in at fourth position, while Cadburys' Dairy Milk re-enters the top five, knocking Tayto down to number six. 7Up, Jacobs, Walkers and Danone complete the Top 10.

The annual Checkout Top 100 is the most definitive list of the biggest selling brands in the Irish grocery industry by value sales.

It uses MarketTrack and Scantrack data to get a full read of sales in the supermarkets, convenience stores, discounters and independent shops.

Checkout also notes the big movers in this year's list, with Innocent rising 23 places since last year to sit in 30th position. Yogurt brand Muller rises six place to 20th, while Glenisk rises 13 places to 39th.

Pringles moves up 11 places to 34th place following its takeover by Kellogg’s last year. The brand is actually the best performing brand in the Kellogg's portfolio, ahead of Special K at 78th place and Cork Flakes at 79th place, Checkout noted.

The list also shows that the frozen ready meals (meat) category dropped 11 places to 89 after the horsemeat scandal earlier this year.
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