Irishman sues State Department over diversity lottery glitch


Devastated, she could not believe her eyes as she struggled to understand how such an enormous error could occur.

“I worked in information technology for nine years.  I have seen the testing that goes into writing new code and all the verification checks that are needed before it goes live, and yet they could allow this to happen,” she told the Irish Voice.

“This is not the wrong order of a product that can be returned. This is the hopes, dreams and lives of 22,000 people,” she added.

Frustrated applicants from across the globe have embraced social networking sites, in efforts to raise the profile of the issue. A Facebook page called “22,000 Tears” was created as well as two Twitter accounts.

For now, White said it’s important that applicants don’t give up hope.

“Speak out, call Congress, call you relatives in the U.S. and have them contact their senators, their representatives, the secretary of state, call the White House!” said White.

“Nobody should be strident in their approach. Be graceful, respectful and persistent.”

“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Luck was shining on them and it was taken away.”