Irish teen dies in dangerous annual bullring festivities in Spain


Diego Page (16) was killed after being charged in the bullring at the Plaza Tel Toros, in the city of Huesca, Spain. The teenager who moved to Spain with his Irish father and Spanish mother died on Wednesday at a local hospital.

Page suffered chest injuries having been rammed into the fence surround the bullring by the bull, reported the Irish Times. He was celebrating the local festival of San Lorenzo.

As part of the festivities partygoers dodge young bulls, which are let loose in the ring every morning, one at a time, for ten minutes. It seems that Page was taken unawares by the bull and although Red Cross workers rushed to his aid he suffered internal injuries and later died.

The mayor of Huesca, Ana Alos Lopez, declared an official two days of mourning with flags cast at half mast throughout the city.

The Irish Sun reports that in a statement Lopez extended her sympathies to the family. She said “I’d like to express my condolences on behalf of all of us at Huesca Town Hall to the friends and family of the youngster who died on Wednesday morning after being charged by a young bull in a municipal bullring.

“We feel very sad about what has happened and we share the pain they feel.”

The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs said it had not received any request for consular assistance from the family.

Page and his family had moved to Spain in 2004 with his father Tony, mother Mariana and two brothers Jake (21) and Pablo (18).

The family business, a restaurant in Bolea, was closed as the family made funeral arrangements. Several family members from Ireland the United States are expected to travel to Spain for the funeral.