Irish students left homeless in Brooklyn scam


According to the student, the landlord told them at a meeting last week that the building was for commercial business only and never intended or allowed legally to be turned into apartments. Eaddy and Barron had a verbal contract with the landlord to rent the loft for the purpose of shooting videos.

“We were stunned. Finally we were being told that our dream loft was never going to happen,” he said.

Eaddy and Barron would not return their calls, and finally after days of persistence he managed to get only $80 back from the two men. He is still waiting on the remainder of his money, as are the rest of the Irish students.

“If I could get that money back I may be able to live out the final seven weeks of my time in New York in a good way, but we’ll see,” he said.

Eaddy and Barron have been reported to the police for their actions.