Irish outrage over NY Times pigeon-eating and desperate economic times article


Paul in Dublin claimed, “Only about 30% of the facts in this article are accurate. Having lived through the financial meltdown, I can say with absolute certainty that the case studies in this article are atypical. I have never heard of anyone shooting pigeons to survive, it’s another American stereotype of Ireland.”

Another Dublin commentator lightheartedly answered Alderman, “I live in Dublin, I was going to comment on this article but I just saw a seagull I have to shoot and have for tea, get a grip America.”

One of the strongest comments came from an Irish immigrant living in New York: “The author should take a long hard look at Ireland's Central Bank figures more closely and report the facts of a country that is recovering properly instead of creating a media storm in a bucket." He says the United States will be eating “McPigeon” long before the Irish people will.

Finally, this observer says, “This is one of the most poorly researched and factually inept articles I've read in some time. Example... Mr. Donovan said 'about 10 percent of the 17,000 inhabitants were underwater on their mortgages.'

"Are we basing mortgage arrears figures on the hearsay of neighbors now? And when you do get mortgage data you can't even print it properly? Two thirds of mortgages behind? Try to adhere to higher standards of journalism. It's what readers expect from the New York Times."