Irish Minister says Ireland’s neutrality on Hitler was morally bankrupt


His father, Paddy Snr, joined the Allied Forces in 1941, aged 17, along with his uncle Freddie.
Paddy Snr wanted to make money so that he could start a family but he also felt that he should stand up against the Nazis having heard of the bombing of Guernica, Spain.

He was blacklisted in Dublin when he returned from the war. He was prevented from working from 1946 to 1961.

"The man fought bravely, he was well respected in his community, but he wasn't allowed to work, to make a living or recover from the mental trauma that such a war had on a young man.

"There is no comfort in a pardon for these men, most of them died a long time ago.

"I always knew he was a good man, they didn't have to write a law to tell me that. These men fought to protect us from the Nazis. We'd all be speaking German if these men hadn't gone out to fight".

Read Minister Alan Shatter’s full speech here.