Irish man gay-bashed in Queens, New York


“I did not just jump up and dance with a total stranger, or with the first man who walked into the bar. I want to stress that. I was dancing with my partner of seven years. He and his family have been part of my life for years.”

The police did not arrest MacNiallais for disorderly conduct, nor has there been any suggestion that his behavior was calculated to cause offense. Instead, the investigation is focusing on the assault as a hate crime. MacNiallais sustained severe bruises to his head, his arms, his underarms, his chest and thighs.

“I have just been in bits since this happened. I’m trying to deal with this and get my head around (it). I am godfather to the two sons of my partner’s oldest brother. We’re compadresmos. It’s the closest relationship you can have next to your own brother. We’re family; I’ve been to Mexico twice this year to stay with his parents, brothers and sisters.”

A police investigation into the attack is ongoing.