He cured Michael Flatley, he can cure you too


“For six months in the hospital the doctors couldn’t get my legs working so when Michael got them moving I knew I had made the right decision,” added Rice.

O’Doherty has already trained about 100 therapists in bio-energy and they are working all over the world including one therapist in the U.S. He is hoping to expand his teachings worldwide in coming months and years. 

Looking ahead, O’Doherty said he would also like to teach parents the basic steps in administrating the bio-energy healing to their children if issues arise.

“Every mother or father can work with their child in this way. We can show people simply how to work with their children,” he said.

Therapy with O’Doherty includes four consecutive 45-minute sessions. Several clients after the first day show symptoms of recovery and most have their illness cured or reduced by the fourth day. Some patients need longer therapy depending on the severity of their ailment.

O’Doherty is clear that it is also up to the client to “take responsibility” for their healing.

“Depending on the nature of the condition we advise them about diet and exercise also,” he said. 

On Monday IrishCentral witnessed first hand O’Doherty’s therapies in action. A client from New York, Allida Edelman, was visiting the O’Doherty’s bio-energy clinic for the second day of her four-day sessions.

“Michael, I feel great since yesterday, I can’t believe it,” said Edelman, who suffers from pains in her legs and other areas of her body.

Edelman said the only way to describe O’Doherty’s treatments was like “a drug-free high.”

Comments like “I feel very light” and I’m feeling much better already” could be heard time and time again from Edelman as O’Doherty and his work and life partner, Tina Downes, worked side by side on Edelman.

While O’Doherty dragged the negative energy away from the body and disposed of it, Downes circled the energy around their client’s head.

“Does it feel smooth,” asked O’Doherty.

Edelman nodded. After an hour with the bio-energy therapists, Edelman was feeling great.

“We work with energy system and also the life style changes that need to be made.”

O’Doherty firmly believes that sickness “is an attempt by your body” to highlight the part you are neglecting.

“When we work with the energy time doesn’t come into play. There is no past and future. Everything that you’ve experienced in your life is vibrating at a particular frequency within your body here and now,” he said.

“You may never forget what happened but the energy system freezes the information or the damage like shock or trauma in the moment. The energy system stores the information and its there until someone likes us comes along and eliminates it. We need to change it here and now.”

O’Doherty said his message is simple. “I want to get out is that there is no reason that if a person confronts their situation in a very real and a positive way and becomes educated about how their bodies function at an energetic level there is no reason why they can’t overcome their situation.”

O’Doherty, who is currently booked out for the rest of the week, will be holding a seminar in the coming months in New York for those who are interested in learning more about bio-energy healing.

For more information log onto www.plexusbio-energy.com