Irish hotels refuse to host ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ style child beauty pageants – VIDEO


Some Irish hotels have refused to host American style child beauty pageants, despite there being a demand for the events.

The Texas-based Universal Royal Beauty Pageant, is planning to host their first ever beauty contest in Ireland this November, the Evening Herald reports.

Former winners of the company’s beauty pageants have being featured on the controversial TLC show ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’.

Aging in range from toddlers to teenagers, participants typically wear false tan, heavy make-up, wigs, stockings, and high heels during their pageants.

Pageant chiefs claim they have been inundated by calls from more than 300 Irish parents who "are desperate for us to come to Ireland."

However, the organizers have had difficulty in finding a venue as they report hotels are concerned that protestors may interrupt the events.

Despite three hotels refusing to host the glitzy event, Annette Hill, the Texas-based owner of Universal Royalty Pageant, said she is confident an Irish pageant will go ahead this November.

Hill, who has 35 years industry experience, told the Herald: "It's proving very difficult to find a venue in a hotel.

"Three hotels I'd been talking to have cancelled, because they're worried about protesters turning up.

"It amazes me, because this is no big deal in America where pageants take place every day. But the media get on our backs as soon as we go outside America."

Hill added she intends to keep the venue location top secret and is planning on hiring a security team.

According to their website, Universal Royalty Pageants offers winners guaranteed cash and fantastic prizes.

“Every child receives a trophy. No one goes home empty handed,” the website states.

Watch a segment from Universal Royalty State Pageant that as featured on Toddlers & Tiaras: