Eight Irish see hopes dashed of Green Cards they thought they had won


I worked in IT for nine years, I have seen the testing that goes into  new code before it goes live, all the verification and yet they could allow this to happen.....This is not the wrong order of a product that can be returned, this is the hopes, dreams and lives of 22,000 people. 
To say I was devastated is an understatement, I was so upset and then for me there was the embarrassment of having to tell everyone that the results were VOID.  Obviously it wasn't my fault but still to be so positive, to get chosen and then to be told "Opps sorry we made a mistake, you haven't been chosen, we have to do it again", it was horrible.  I avoided talking to people for a while as their first question was "have you got an interview date yet" and then I had to break the news again.
Waiting for July 15th to arrive has made this the longest summer I have ever lived through; nothing distracts me from the thoughts of how close I was the what-ifs.  I try to stay positive and believe that I will be selected again, but what are the odds of that happening?
I am aware as are the other 22,000 people that were chosen that it doesn’t mean that we have the Greencard but, we were chosen and we should be given the right to continue the process as promised on the May 1st.

3.Nicola –

I’m one of those selected. I have dreamt of the US since I was seven-year-old. Twenty-one years I thought I was almost one step closer to my dream, only to have it shattered.

However, I am skeptical of taking any action against the US State Dept. incase it would hinder any applications going forward...I do hope there is a turn around on this and the 22,000 selected are honoured. But until then all I can do is have faith and wish upon a star of fifty stars in this case.

4.  Simon – From Dublin, Ireland

I applied for the Diversity Lottery on the first day that it was open in October 2010 (as I do pretty much every year). I am working full time in New York on a working visa after gaining a PhD in Dublin. The day I applied I put a reminder in my calendar for May 1st 2011. I was astounded and delighted to find out that I had been pre-approved. After checking with two immigration lawyer friends to make sure what I was reading was correct, I called my parents and the rest of my family.

My friends here were delighted and a couple even asked me to buy some lottery tickets because they thought I was so lucky. I filled out the documents, double and triple checked them for any potential mistake, called the Kentucky Counsular Center multiple times and finally mailed my application.

A couple of weeks later my world was rocked when a lawyer friend contacted me with the words "I am sorry, I have terrible news for you". To be honest, I was completely devastated. I never thought that the Federal Government could make such a mistake. The lack of any recourse was even more frustrating. The vista of some sort of security and opportunity was given and taken away. People have told me to wait until the July 15th redrawing but I know my chances are so slim. That is why I was so astounded when I first read that I had been pre-approved.

5. David – From Athlone, Ireland

I brought my family to Florida about six years ago to experience the delights of Disney and Universal Studios and also to visit friends who live there, and like our friends, we fell in love with the Florida lifestyle and the Floridian people. It was not long after our first visit that we returned to Florida, and have been returning annually since 2005.

A couple of years ago I purchased a Holiday home in Tampa Florida in the hopes of permanently residing there with my family in the near future. My wife and I made the difficult decision to use our savings to purchase this home in Florida in the hopes that someday my family and I would have the opportunity to emigrate there, work there and create a new life in the U.S which has been a lifelong dream for my wife and I.

Since that visit six years ago I have applied for the Diversity Visa Lottery annually on behalf of myself and my family. Like the previous years I completed the online application and uploaded the pictures.

But this year was unlike previous years, my family and I had finally been selected. After years and years of entering I thought to myself that this was finally our chance to live the American dream. I was ecstatic that we had made it through to the next stage, although I knew this meant we did not automatically receive the green card, I knew it gave me a rather good chance of getting it.

So I immediately filled out the forms and had our pictures taken professionally to ensure they were precise, as I was letting noting hinder this huge opportunity. My family was overjoyed at the news, especially both my teenage children whom like myself dream of noting more than a new life in the U.S.