Irish graphic novel illustrates Father Frank Browne’s Titanic experience


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Irish illustrator has created a 120-page graphic novel which chronicles the experiences of Jesuit priest, Father Frank Browne on the RMS Titanic.

In creating the novel “Get Off that Ship”, Alan Dunne, from Dublin, records Browne’s experiences on board, the historically important photographs he took and the priests response when the ship sank.

Browne’s photographs now international famous document 20th century Ireland. The Jesuit priest was lucky enough to board the Titanic for the Southampton in Britain to Cobh, County Cork leg of the trip.

Luckily Browne was ordered off the ship’s maiden voyage by his superior, “the Provincial” The wired message read “Get off that ship. Provincial.”

Dunne carefully researched Browne’s work, paying attention to his writings and interviews as well as the photographs he took.

The illustrator told he began the project while he was still in college in 2005. He had heard the other of “Fr Browne’s Titanic Album”, Eddie O’Donnell being interviewed and was inspired.

Dunne said “I thought he (O’Donnell) was very interesting and I thought: there must be a visual way of telling such a visual story.”

The Dubliner spent all his spare time, outside his day job, research, writing and creating the illustration.

He said “I try to strike a balance with the time spent on it – my girlfriend and friends would be annoyed if I didn’t but, yes, I do get asked sometimes: ‘Have you finished this bloody book!’

The first chapter of the book can be seen at