Irish General Election called after Greens pull out


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The Green Party has announced that a General Election needs to be held in Ireland in the second half of January 2011. The Green Party was the minority party in the Fianna Fail led coalition government.
Just minutes before Green Party leader, John Gormley, made the announcement this morning he informed Prime Minister Brian Cowen. He also said that he had expressed the Green Party’s disappointment in the Government’s recent decisions.

The Fianna Fail-led government has been deeply criticized for its handling of the financial crisis, arguing right up to the last minute that it was not negotiating an IMF  bailout when in fact subsequent events showed they were
A statement released by the  Greens  said that the party had always said it would only continue in government as long as it would benefit the people. However it said  the uncertainty in recent weeks had had a destabilizing effect.
The party outlined three things that needed to be done: to produce a credible four-year plan, deliver a Budget for 2011 and secure funding support from the EU and IMF.
Speaking at a Green Party press conference, Gormley said that the people of Ireland feel misled and betrayed. The Party said it has now reached the point where Irish people need political certainty and therefore need a General Election.
Gormley explained that the decision had been made on Saturday night after a series of meetings.
He said that he realised that last three weeks had been traumatic for the Irish people and that in the last week there had been real difficulties in terms of communications. He said the answers the Green Party were being given were not clear enough.
Gormley made the Prime Minister aware of the Party’s decision at 11.30, only minutes before the press conference.
A spokesperson for Prime Minister Brian Cowen said the Government remains focused on the Budget and the four-year plan.

Read more: There will be massive changes after this historic Irish election will take place