Irish duo complete mammoth 640km Siberian adventure over the world’s oldest and deepest lake


Cork native Clare O’Leary and Kerry native Mike O’Shea can cross walking the length of the frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia off their “to do” list as the duo sets out to complete a series of ice cap challenges known as The Ice Project.

O’Leary, who gained some fame being the first Irish woman to successfully climb Mount Everest, joined fellow adventure junky Mike O’Shea in the completion of a 640km journey across the unsure frozen water of Lake Baikal in Siberia.  The duo used ice skates and skis in assistance to conquer the lake during the frozen season, an achievement only a few have seen through. 

O’Leary and O’Shea are no strangers to walking on thin ice.

While lugging 70kg sledges as temperatures plummet down to an unimaginable -30 degrees fahrenheit sounds like hell to most, O’Leary and O’Shea live to face and conquer these seemingly impossible feats.

Earlier this year the two had to abandon their trek to the North Pole as the ice below them wasn't safe enough to trek on.   It was O’Leary’s 3rd attempt to reach the North Pole.

The duo will look to conquer all of the world’s major ice caps as part of The Ice Project.  O’Leary and O’Shea completed the first leg of the project last year when they crossed the north Patagonian ice cap.