Irish Church child abuse a horror legacy of unwanted Famine children


Perhaps the greatest shock of all was the fact that so many people appeared to be shocked. Excusing young people, who might not have heard of the Catholic gulags, many of us knew that what the Church did was hideous. The report is a kind of vindication for those unfortunate enough to be in one of those places but, because of the Christian Brothers, no priest, nun or brother can be named.

It’s still going on. Canon law is designed to protect the Church but must be subjugated to state law. The Catholic Church in Ireland is in rag-order after these latest revelations of abuse, including sexual abuse. There have been deaths too and it is only a matter of time until details come out. For instance, if you were single, you stood more than four times the rate of losing your baby than married parents. Single women were buried too – all for a few pain-killers and decent cleanliness.

I’ll revisit the topic soon.