Irish American sailor surprises grandmother by photo bombing birthday snap


Bunny ears or a looming figure in the background is ordinarily the trade-mark of a photo bomb but Navy man Ellis decided to make his grandmother’s day with his bomb, which was posted on YouTube by his father.

Ellis, who had been stationed on nuclear powered super carrier USS John C. Stennis since July 2011, came in behind his 76-year-old grandmother, who was posing with two of her great-grandchildren on her birthday.

It took a second for his grandmother to realize what was going on but then she shrieked and waved her hands in the air, jumping up and down and hugging him with joy.

Ellis’ father (porthole1959) said in his YouTube blurb, “My son is stationed on the USS John C Stennis. He has not been home since early July 2011.

We surprised his mother during church service. Then went to my mother's for a celebration of her 76th birthday. While she was posing for pictures with two of her great grand kids we had Ellis sneak into the picture. It was great.”

Here’s the video: