Irish American fashion designer suing ex-lover for genital burns after tea was thrown at him


Former ‘Project Runway’ contestant Irish American Emmett McCarthy is suing a former lover who threw scalding tea at him, causing him third-degree burns on his legs and genitals.

The Daily Mail reports that McCarthy is looking for $4 million in damages after sustaining the injuries incurred by former boyfriend Pierre Supreme on New Year’s Day 2011.

Supreme initially claimed that the whole incident was an accident, but later pleaded guilty to assault in February 2012 and agreed to pay McCarthy $41,580 in restitution.

Supreme told police at the time, “I brought (tea) in on a tray ... he tried to pull me into bed and the tea water fell on him by accident.”

McCarthy maintains that he was sleeping when the accident occurred, meaning he couldn’t have pulled Supreme into bed.

The lawsuit filed by McCarthy says that he had three skin grafts done and spent three weeks in an intensive care unit undergoing burn treatments two times a day.

McCarthy added that he was afraid to return home after the incident fearing that Supreme, who was then out on bail, would assault him again.

McCarthy says he incurred $7,000 in extra rent costs while paying thousands more for nursing care and additional staff to keep his store open. He says he also paid $40,000 for transportation to physical therapy.

Both McCarthy and Supreme have their own New York City businesses - McCarthy is a fashion designer and owns his own boutique, EMc2, and Supreme owns a housewares store.

Supreme’s former lawyer said that the lawsuit filed by McCarthy is likely time-barred, thus it will probably be tossed.