Ireland’s top 300 wealthiest richer than Ecuador’s GDP - net worth of $85.8 billion


The Sunday Independent Rich List 2013 has revealed that Ireland's 300 wealthiest people have a combined net worth of more than €66bn, or nearly $86bn, an amount larger than Ecuador's GDP.

This pool of the country's billionaires and multi-millionaires saw their wealth grow by almost 6.3 percent last year. Contributing to this rise was the rebound in global stock markets as the first "Rich List" compiled for the Sunday Independent in 2010 showed that the wealthiest had fortunes worth less than €50bn, or $65bn.

Of the country's 11 billionaires, Indian-born industrialist Pallonji Mistry topped the list with a fortune worth €8.07bn ($10.5bn). Mistry became an Irish citizen a decade ago.

The richest Irish-born tycoon is Denis O'Brien with a net worth of €3.8bn ($4.95bn).

According to the list, there are 105 people in Ireland with fortunes of more than €100m ($130m) each.

While the economic devastation of the last several years has seen many fortunes lost, it has also opened the door for new entrants to the list, which has seen 38 newcomers this year.

Green energy, technology, and high-end manufacturing and engineering are hot sectors this year for new entrepreneurs. Retail, property, leisure and private equity fortunes have been hit the hardest by the economic downturn.