Ireland's Eye: What's going on in the old sod this week


He said he has researched this topic recently, and his findings made him “so angry” such information was available and in some cases was goading people to harm themselves or die by suicide. He called for such material to be controlled.

“I don’t know the answer but it makes me so angry. I can’t over-emphasize it but it is there,” Cannon said.

“It is real and there is no point burying our heads in the sand. There should be controls on these websites.”

He said these sites targeted people who were “low and in the ebb of depression.”
Cannon said new findings showed there was a high level of death by suicide in both Donegal and Cork.

He also highlighted his concerns over the growing issue of depression.

He remarked that it crossed many age ranges, saying that “horrible episodes of depression” appeared to be “prevalent in young people.”

The inquests heard details of the deaths of two students in their early 20s and a 51-year-old man.

“This depression seems very difficult to understand,” he stated.

Donegal Democrat

Hand Sliced Off

A 32-YEAR-old man originally from the Middle East had his hand reattached to his arm at St. James’ Hospital recently after he accidentally severed it while using a band saw in a meat shop in Longford Town.

The man, believed to be living in the Longford area, had entered Oasis Food Store on Great Water Street in the town at approximately 6 p.m. on Thursday, September 27.

It is understood he had intended to purchase meat from the Halal store and was told by the attendant behind the counter to wait until evening prayers were finished.

The man then made his way behind the counter and proceeded to cut the meat by himself using a band saw located inside the premises.

The man’s right hand was then sliced off by the blade of the appliance, which rotates at speeds of up to 5,000 feet per minute.

He was treated at the scene and then brought by an AW-139 Air Corps helicopter to St. James’

Hospital in Dublin before surgeons at the hospital successfully reattached the hand over the following weekend.

Longford Leader

Snakes Alive!

HORSELEAP residents Sinead O'Neill and her boyfriend Paddy Barrett got the shock of their lives when they discovered they were sharing their home with an unwanted guest -- a six foot boa constrictor.

The young couple, who moved into the rented house four months ago, discovered the snake when they were about to start cleaning out their shed. Their reptilian guest was wrapped around an old bed frame that was being stored in the outbuilding.

O’Neill said that they think that the animal belonged to the former tenants as they kept exotic pets.

"It had been living up there for six or seven months. His enclosure was in the shed (when we moved in) but we were told that the snake was gone,” she said.

The boa had made a cozy little nest for itself in a cardboard box in the shed, dragging in some hay for added heat and comfort. When hunting prey, boas grab with their teeth before suffocating their quarry and consuming it whole.

O’Neill believes that it kept itself alive by feeding on the shed's previous occupants. "We noticed that there was a lot of swallow nests but no swallows,” she said.

When the animal-loving couple, who have two cats and two dogs, started ringing around to try and get someone to take away the boa constrictor, O’Neill says they had trouble getting people to believe them.

"When I told the guards they asked was I on drugs," she laughed.

Eventually, Dublin Zoo put her in touch with the Reptile Village Zoo in Kilkenny where the snake is currently residing.

Zoo director James Hennessy, who traveled up to Horseleap to capture the animal, says the snake is as strong as an adult and could inflict serious, if not fatal injuries on a small child.

Offaly Independent