Ireland's Eye: What's going on in the old sod this week


The drama unfolded when the first three volunteers arrived to find the animal submerged up to its chest on the muddy bank.

A photograph of the stricken horse was posted on Facebook through the Donegal Pet Rescue page asking for help after they alerted the ISPCA, which was unavailable, and local Gardai (police) who were delayed getting to the scene due to another incident.

The strong image of the stricken animal on the social media site prompted a lot of reaction, and within a short there were a number of helpers on the scene.

A spokesperson for the group said they would like to thank everyone who helped save the horse.

“Thankfully we have some of the best friends on Facebook who gave up their Sunday morning to come and help in any way that they could. As for posting a photo we feel that this was the only way people could understand the urgency of our plea and would continue to do so in order to help get matter out there and resolved quickly,” the spokesperson stated.

Donegal Democrat

School Closes

A NORTH Kerry school has closed after parents made the tough decision to take their children elsewhere rather than pursue the option of allowing the school continue with just one teacher.

Dromerin National School, outside of Listowel, was set to lose one of its two teachers because dwindling pupil numbers meant it could not meet the new pupil/ teacher ratio.

Parents were informed the school could continue with just one teacher school. However, many felt that this would be too small for their children and decided to take them elsewhere.

Parents in the area are unhappy with the loss of the school and the hike in school transport costs it will represent as they arrange for their children to attend other schools in the area.

"It's very disappointing that such a lovely rural school has gone," former board member at Dromerin Dave Fitzgibbon said. "There are so many young families living around the area, it is a real pity.”

Local woman Diana McCarthy said the closure would lead to greater costs for parents bringing their children to more distant schools.

"It is a shame it had to close and the three schools nearby are bursting at the seams. Parents have enough bills to contend with without this,” McCarthy said.

Parents are unhappy that they did not get more information about the pending closure of the school. "I had no official communication from the school saying that it was closing," parent Kathleen McNamara said.

"Parents were told at a meeting recently that it would have to become a one-teacher (school) due to new departmental guidelines on pupil/teacher ratios. When people heard it was going to be a one-teacher that was the end of it really.”

Many in Dromerin are now calling for the school building to be used as a community centre. "It would be great if the building could be used for community events," Fitzgibbon said.

The Kerryman