Ireland's Eye: What's going on in the old sod this week


"With less households there is less spoken Irish in the home and as a consequence the language will suffer, perhaps irreparably," he said.

The Kerryman

Stripper Thief
A 30-YEAR-old who stripped down to her bra when challenged over a shoplifting incident and who acted in what Judge Kevin Kilrane said was "a disgraceful fashion" was told to return to Sligo Court with a sum of 500 later in the month if she wanted to avoid jail.

Judge Kilrane stated that Ann McDonagh of Castlebar, had further engaged in the "filthy abuse" of staff at Colleran's Pharmacy, the Square, Charlestown, on September 6.

McDonagh had initially appeared before Tubbercurry Court and was remanded in custody overnight to appear at Sligo. A co-accused, Mary McDonagh, was remanded in custody to appear at Carrick-on-Shannon District Court.

At Tubbercurry Court, Kilrane heard how Ann and Mary McDonagh and two children entered the pharmacy and went upstairs to where items of crystal were located. Ann McDonagh put an item up her top and staff observed her doing so.

When challenged she became very abusive and the item was passed back to the second lady.  Ann McDonagh then stripped down to her bra.

Kilrane adjourned the case against Ann McDonagh to April 25 and told her that if she did not return on that date with 500 she would go to prison for a long time.

Sligo Champion

Gas Stealing Nut

BALBRIGGAN District Court was told that a Ballyfermot man “went nuts” when he was caught stealing gas from a Fingal station on four separate occasions.

David Heffernan, 27, was given a three-month prison sentence, but was bailed with leave to appeal, after pleading guilty to stealing a total of 265 worth of petrol from the Applegreen Service Station on dates between January 31 and February 21.  He also admitted to removing the registration plates from his car prior to committing the offenses.

Solicitor for the defendant Fiona D'arcy said her client had been working as a courier at the time of the offense and as a result of being arrested, had been dismissed. “He is now living on social welfare, and has three children aged five, three and 1 1/2 to support,” the court heard.

“His partner also miscarried at the time of the offenses, which had a profound effect on him, and he went nuts.”

Judge Dermot Dempsey commented that the dependent took the plates of his car before the offenses, “so he wasn't that insane.”

The court went on to hear that at the time, the defendant had no money, his parents were unwell and could not provide him with financial help.

“He has struggled with addiction in the past and has now overcome that,” added D'arcy.  “He has been sending out 10 resumes a day and can't find work so is unable to have any compensation in court today.”

Dempsey commented that her client had work before he committed these offenses, and this sort of crime is becoming all too common.

“I am not satisfied that any effort has been made to gather any funds to pay compensation, so am sentencing the defendant to a three month sentence for the theft charges, taking the other offenses into consideration,” he said.

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