Ireland's Eye: What's going on in the old sod this week


Last week's theft isn't the first time that the grave has been targeted as two flower pots were also stolen before.

She also says that items were stolen off other graves and, having searched high and low for her missing angels, believes that the paraphernalia may be sold on.

However, she's appealing to whoever took the angels to leave them back to where they belong.

“I can't get them anywhere so I really want them back,” she said.  “I'm appealing to whoever took the angels to just come into the graveyard and put them back on the grave.”

Carlow Nationalist

Schools Emergency

Education provision at second level in Balbriggan is on the brink of collapse, and by September of next year the town could again be witnessing scenes where an emergency school has to be thrown up in the town in a matter of weeks.

Census figures showing the town's population is continuing to grow at an enormous rate are only adding to the headaches of educators in the town struggling to cope with ever-increasing demands.

A primary school principal in the town has predicted a huge swell of Balbriggan pupils going on to secondary school in 2012, and says there are not enough places either planned or already created to cope.

Fintan McCuthcheon, principal of Balbriggan Educate Together NS, says that the problems in education provision in the town are “acute.”

His own school will see three classes graduate to second level in 2012, and he says that is reflective of an unusually large number of pupils currently in fifth classes in schools across Balbriggan.

“There is a big bulge around fourth and fifth classes where we are going to be turning out huge numbers soon,” McCuthcheon said.

He said that “every school principal in Balbriggan” believes a crisis is looming at second level, and that repeats of the scenes in 2007 that saw an emergency school built in the town in a few weeks could be on the cards again for 2012 if the Department of Education does not move quickly.

“Whatever crisis exits at primary level, there is going to be a very big crisis at second level very soon in Balbriggan,” he concluded.

Fingal Independent

Tragic Death

A seven-year-old Clonroche boy was laid to rest amid scenes of immense sadness after he was killed in a tragic accident on Friday, July 1, the first day of his summer holidays.

Tom Connors was running across the main street in the village, from his home at 21 Canon Murphy Park to the shop at the filling station opposite the estate, when he was struck by a jeep at 10:45 a.m.

The jeep was being driven by a local man who remained at the scene. The emergency services arrived quickly and Tom was rushed to Wexford General Hospital, where he died on Friday afternoon as result of his injuries.
He had just finished first class in the local St Aidan's National School, and was looking forward to a summer of fun with his friends and little brothers John, six, and Andy, three.

Paddy Connors, speaking on behalf of the family, said that Tom’s parents Martin and Lizzie are “devastated” by the loss of their beloved son, who was “full of life.”

He was part of a close-knit family and idolized his father. “Wherever you'd see Martin, you'd see Tom,” Connors said. 

Connors said that when the tragic accident occurred last Friday, Tom had “a euro in his hand” and had told his brother John to wait by Canon Murphy Park and he'd go across to the shop and get something for them both.
Enniscorthy Guardian