Ireland's Eye: What's going on in the old sod


"But I'm going back to Thomond Park next week. I'm giving my muscles a couple of days to rest and then I'm going back to finish off the last 3,000 seats. There's no way I can leave that behind," Mooney added.

Despite labeling his Thomond Park attempt a failure in his online blog, could it be considered a moral victory of sorts?

"I was actually thinking that. I have the whole plucky loser thing going on. Normally my mates would absolutely lacerate me for failing but they've been nice about it this time," he said.

Mooney is delighted with the public response to his adventures so far, which have included fire breathing, meeting a porn star, being a human mannequin, going shopping in his pajamas, cycling through a McDonald’s drive-thru and shaving his chest.
- Limerick Leader

Stolen penguin found

There was a happy reunion last week for Kelli the penguin, who was found waddling the streets of the north inner city having been earlier stolen from Dublin Zoo.

The female penguin was kidnapped from the Phoenix Park by a gang of men before the zoo opened to the public on Thursday, July 8.  The helpless 10-year-old penguin was taken from its pen and bundled into a bag as part of the sick prank.

The men made their getaway in a taxi, told the driver it was a rabbit and were then dropped off in the north inner city. All animals in the zoo are fitted with a microchip so the penguin was found within hours.

Kelli is a Humboldt, a small breed native to parts of South America, mainly Chile. Relieved zoo staff reported the creature was none the worse for her outing after being safely returned to her mate Mick.

Gardai (police) are investigating the kidnapping while a Dublin Zoo spokesperson said it was no laughing matter.
“Dublin Zoo is naturally relieved that the animal is safe and unharmed and back in the zoo,” a spokesperson said.

“However, we wish to underline our annoyance about this incident. The welfare and health of all animals is our primary concern and this kind of incident is not frivolous and is certainly not something amusing.”
- Dublin People

Don’t drop the drawers

Keeping your trousers securely fastened on a night out was the lesson learnt by a young Athlone man who was fined for exposing himself to a patrol car.

Brendan Harney, 21, with an address at Brideswell, Athlone, Co. Roscommon, appeared before Judge Mary Fahy at Galway District Court for a threatening and abusive behavior offense at Shop Street in Galway, on March 11.

Inspector Aidan Foley told the court that at 12:30 a.m. the defendant was on Shop Street when he pulled down his trousers and exposed himself to the patrol car.

Defense solicitor Sarah O’Dowd said that her client had very little recollection of the incident, and that he wished to apologize to Gardai. She added that Harney has never been before the courts and that he suffers from a medical condition which has left him “feeling quite down.”

O’Dowd further explained that Harney experienced an epileptic seizure 18 months ago and has since been advised not to work until doctors can determine what caused the seizure.

Handing in character references into court, O’Dowd then asked Fahy not to record a conviction against her client as this could affect future work prospects.

However, Fahy replied, “He exposed himself to a patrol car in full public view. I’m going to impose a monetary penalty.”

Harney was then convicted and fined €200 which by consent was taken from bail money already lodged.
-Athlone Advertiser