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"Of course, I have felt disheartened and discouraged whenever new revelations came to light. However, I am not disillusioned and neither, I believe, is Archbishop Martin," Murphy suggested.

Murphy acknowledged that there had been a weakening of faith in communities across Ireland over the last 40 years due to the rapid and radical changes in Irish society but he insisted, "I would not say that there is a massive crisis of faith in Ireland. What we are experiencing now is a crisis of confidence in the church."


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Brothels in Carlow

PROSTITUTES are selling sex from a network of brothels in the heart of Carlow Town. The women are advertised on various websites, and as recently as Last Monday morning, two of them were available for sex within 10 minutes.

Four premises in the center of Carlow town have been identified as working brothels, with other venues also being used by the sex workers when required.

Contact is made with the women by people logging onto websites such as, where prostitutes all across Ireland are listed county by county.

Four women are contained in the Carlow folder and, as of Monday, they were Hanna, Sophie, Jazabel and Valentina.

On Monday morning, Italian native Jazabel was available for business and told a reporter from the Carlow Nationalist that she charged 100 euro for a half hour and 200 euro for a full hour.  Columbian native Valentina was also immediately available at similar rates.

Superintendent Pat Kavanagh from the Carlow Gardai said that the Gardai would act on the basis of any complaint made about prostitution in Carlow.

“We would investigate any complaint fully, just like we have done in the past,” said Superintendent Kavanagh.

“But apart from the Carroll case, we have not had any notable success against prostitution. It is notoriously difficult because the punters don’t complain, the girls don’t complain, the lads running it don’t complain, so we are relying on neighbors to complain,” he added.

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Jail for Embezzler

A MAN who embezzled €14,000 by fraud and menaces from a couple, leading them to wind up their business and postpone their wedding, was jailed for two years in the Circuit Court in Athlone.

John Nevin, 31, from Mullingar, had, on March 25, 2006, promised a young couple who were hoping to open a country pub that for €6,000 he could supply them with cheap liquor, but then contacted them a week later to say how this deal had fallen through and that if they didn’t come up with an additional 8,000 to buy back the first consignment, their lives might be in danger.

Nevin was in the Circuit Court for sentencing after being found guilty in the District Court in Mullingar on January 20, but promised to have €10,000 in partial restitution by March 25.

However, in evidence given by Detective Garda Patrick Thornton this week, Nevin didn’t show in court on that date, and that he “had no idea where he was.” Thornton went on to tell the court how the victims’ business was winding up in June “and they’ve postponed getting married for another year.”

Nevin told Judge Michael White the reason he hadn’t turned up in court on March 25 was that two of his children were scheduled for operations in Temple Street in April and he was afraid if had turned up on March 25 he might have been jailed and would miss the operation date in April.  He suggested that as he and his partner were on the dole he could only manage a repayment of €60 per week.

“He has made two promises to repay the money in the last two years,” said the judge.

“He told them he’d get them cheap liquor, then the couple get a phone call to say a third party had lost the liquor and they’d have to find an extra €8,000 or they’d be in danger for their lives.”

“Prison’s no place for me,” said Nevin.

“I’m left with no choice,” said the judge as he sent him down for two years.

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